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Chihuahua Tear Stain Removal

Chihuahua owners all across the world have one problem: tear stains. Let’s admit: no matter how well you take care of your pup and how often you clean its coat, tear stains still appear. No matter where you go, you see those annoying brown streaks around the eyes. Well, there’s …

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Samoyed Tear Stain Removal Guide

Samoyeds are the living embodiment of beauty. That perfect double coat of white is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. That is, of course, if nothing gets on it. Sure, dirt, grass, and urine are all possibilities, but there’s something else that can completely destroy that perfect …

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Best Dog Food and Supplements for Tear Stains

Tear staining in dogs is a result of many varying factors. Sick dogs and even those that are poorly groomed may end up with unsightly tear staining on their once beautiful coats. Staining can be found on the eye region, around the mouth and on the feet of dogs. Grooming …

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Kennel Cough in Dogs

In the same way that humans get colds and other respiratory diseases caused by various viral strains, dogs suffer from respiratory illnesses too. In this article we will be focusing on Kennel Cough in dogs. Kennel Cough is a common health issue in dogs. It is also known as infectious …

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Top 10 Dog Skin Conditions and Treatments

Skin diseases are very common in dogs and the condition of a dog’s skin is normally indicative of its health. Skin disorders in dogs is normally manifested in changes in your dog’s coat and development of papules, pustules, scaling, discolored skin, redness, hair loss, dandruff, and skin sores.  There are several …

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